franz video
franz video

PTZ camera in stainless steel

Ruggedized high Speed ,high precision PTZ System with full coverage (360 endless pan, 290 tilt range) specially designed & manufactured for operating in harsh enviroment. This series is capable of automatic position correction when it is moved by external force and the anti Vibration and shock proof mechanic make it ideal for on deck marine applications.

Equipped with analoge and HD camera module Options and latest Image sensor Technology , it provides high resolution and high sensitivity in low light condition with Auto Focus capability . Optionally with illiminator (laser or LED) are available.

Made of Marine-Frade Stainless steel and IP68 garantees a 24/7 surveilance Operation . It is also equipped with electronic Image stabilizer, fog Penetration and VE mode wide dynamic range Image processing.

Technical Details

Product group Special cameras
optical zoom 30
Lens 4.3mm to 120.0mm, F1.6 to F4.7
Enclosure marine steel 316L
video output Digital /IP
power supply 12-26V AC or 20-36VDC
enviroment IP68, operating temperature -20 to +60 C
dimensions 220x370mm, 8Kg

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